Alan, Lord of Galloway

Alan FitzRoland (christened in 1175) is the latest of the MacFergus dynasty of quasi-independent Lords of Galloway. He is also hereditary Constable of Scotland. Despite having sworn fealty to both the King of England and the King of Scots, Alan, like his forebears, maintains a carefully ambiguous relationship with both kingdoms, acting as a vassal when it suits his purpose and as an independent monarch when he can get away with it.


He is the son of Lochlann (or Roland), Lord of Galloway and Helen de Morville. In right of his mother he inherited the de Morville Lordship of Lauderdale. He granted some of these lands, such as the estate of Threepwood, to the monks of Melrose in 1204.


As lord of the barbarous Galwegians, and second general of the Scots after the King, Alan is an experienced warrior.

In 1212 Alan responded to a summons from King John I of England by sending 1,000 troops to join the war against the Welsh. In this year he also sent one of his daughters to England as a hostage. Alan is listed as one of the 16 men who counseled King John regarding the Magna Carta.

His considerable sea power allowed him to supply fleets and armies to aid the English King John in campaigns both in France and Ireland.

Since then, he has campaigned intermittently against the highlanders and islesmen of Argyll, along Scotland's western coast. During these absences from his lands, he tends to leave the estate in the hands of his chamberlain Walter, Bishop of Whithorn.

Marriages and Children

Alan has had two wives:

  1. Hilda (Helen) de L'Isle from 1205 until her death in 1209. She was the daughter of Ragnald Gothredsson, King of Man and Lord of the Isles, and Fonia of Moray. The marriage produced Helen of Galloway (christened in 1208), who married Roger de Quincy, 2nd Earl of Winchester.
  2. Margaret of Huntingdon, daughter of David I of Scotland. By this marriage he has two daughters:
          • Christina of Galloway (christened in 1209), who married William de Forz, Earl of Albemarle.
          • Devorguilla of Galloway (christened in 1210), who married John de Balliol, 5th feudal baron of Barnard Castle.

He has also fathered an illegitimate son named Thomas, who appears to have more than a little faerie blood. Possibly because of this, Alan has entrusted him to the Academica Septima Superior for education and safekeeping.

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