Annaeus Aurelian

Standing well over seven feet tall and weighing more than two ordinary men, Annaeus is an imposing figure. More intelligent than almost anyone he'll ever meet, he is openly rude to those who can't keep up with him mentally. He doesn't really care how this makes people see him, as he really wants to be left in productive solitude.

Early Life

More than averagely unforthcoming about his childhood, Annaeus has, while copiously drunk, let slip that he was born in 1194 in a hamlet on the banks of the river Ouse that was "too small and full of shite to warrant a name". He remains in intermittent contact with his hermetic parens, Brutus Severus, of a covenant named Nigrasaxa in the Stonehenge Tribunal.

Activities in the Academica

Since his arrival, Annaeus has kept himself apart from the goings on around the covenant. This has, however, left him more time for producing magical items. These tend toward the utilitarian. For example, he initially had so much trouble finding a seat that would comfortably accommodate his frame that he created the Throne Seed and now sits at the high table upon a throne of black basalt. He also created the magical kegs that the covenant's whalers use to gather the oil of their catch. An accomplished woodworker, leatherworker and jeweller, his creations tend to be sturdily, if spartanly, constructed.

In 1225, Annaeus travelled to Durenmar in Swabia's Black Forest to be initiated into the mystery of the Elder Runes. His initiation appears to have disturbed him somehow, and he has been observed drawing runes in dust and mud when he believes he is alone.


Inside, his sanctum is a morass of shavings, clippings shards and custom-made tools dominated by a workbench the size of a king's table.

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