Annaeus' Sanctum

The sanctum of Annaeus Aurelian comprises his study, workshop and bedchamber.

Initial Sanctum

After arriving at the Academica Septima Superior, Annaeus, like the other young magi, had a partially ruined storehouse near the hall repaired and converted into a laboratory and living area. Annaeus set his first sanctum some way away from the others, on the grounds that he would be less bothered by the noise of his sodales and the covenfolk. A dislike of noise appears to be a recurring theme, as he has often adopted a nocturnal schedule during important projects in order to minimise distractions.

Current Sanctum

The expansion of the covenant during the years 1224-1226 provided an opportunity for Annaeus to expand both his laboratory and living quarters. In 1225 he moved his sanctum into a partially ruined tower, close to the border with Scylla's portion of the Academica. The top level of the squat, square tower has collapsed into ruin, and a rowan tree grows from the accretion of rubble and dirt. Another, smaller tree grows out of the window of Annaeus' first-floor laboratory, providing him with a convenient subject for testing herbam magic.

The laboratory proper is dominated by a vast workbench, built to accommodate Annaeus' significant girth and his eclectic craftsmanship - it has space for him to work on leatherworking, woodcarving and jewellery projects simultaneously. A corner contains his writing desk, built during his apprenticeship and carried with him from home to home since then.

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