Augusta Draca

Augusta Draca is a maga of the Academica Septima Superior. She is the youngest fully fledged maga of the Draca family, and the only family member in the Loch Leglean Tribunal.

Early Life

Augusta was raised by her mother and father until the age of ten, when her Gift first manifested itself. Thankfully, the Draca family has a long tradition of giving Gifted children to Gifted relatives as apprentices. Although Augusta's parents were unnerved by her magical nature, she did not have the miserable childhood experiences that many magi share.

Instead, she was raised by her uncle Liam, a magus resident at Cathair. Owing to a surfeit of extended family members attempting to inhabit the covenant during her apprenticeship, Liam carried out much of her instruction in the wilds of the Mourne mountains. To this day, Augusta has a knack for finding her way around mountain trails. She finds her current home in the isolated and heavily-wooded Galloway Hills to be quite agreeable.

Activities in the Academica

Since arriving in Scotland, Augusta has found plenty to keep herself busy. Notably, she has begun exploring the magical legacies of her draconic heritage in depth. In anno domini 1222, she underwent the first initiation into the family mysteries, receiving a vision of the Dragon Ancestral, a feat equalled by no family member in living memory. She was present alongside Corvinius de Flambeau during the fall of Fire Nest, attempting to puzzle out the mysteriously vanishing dragon that attacked the covenant.

Augusta has been told by Liam that, before she may be guided deeper into the mysteries, she must produce a child to carry on the family line. Although originally quite put out by this demand, she appears to have resigned herself of late, and may be making a discreet search for a suitable father.


Augusta is by far and away the ranking ignem expert among the Academica's younger magi. She also displays a fair aptitude for the forms of imaginem and mentem, and is growing more interested in these as the challenges she faces in her career grow more diverse. Her magical effects tend to involve a warm, golden colour.


Soon after her arrival at the Academica, Augusta bound her long-term companion Neneus as her familiar. Since an episode of Twilight experienced at Fire Nest, she has been able to tell the purity of gold by smell. This is useful, as her family's magic requires that she be touching gold in order to produce even the smallest effect.


Augusta is alone among the Academica's magi in continuing to occupy one of the cottages that was built as sancta soon after their arrival. She has created multiple overlapping circles of flame during her occupancy, to the point that the majority of her laboratory is now permanently aflame.

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