Brennix is a magus of the Academica Septima Superior. As an active member of House Merinita, he is the Academica's resident expert on all things faerie.

Early Life.

He was born Brennian Jesse in Strathmore, and lived with his clan until he was 13. The late beginning of his apprenticeship was due to the subtle manifestation of his Gift. Brennix does not provoke the instinctive distrust and fear that many magi engender in mundanes. The dampness produced by his magic was also easy to overlook in the Scottish highlands.

Brennix's Gift was eventually noticed by Ascalon ex Merinita, who took the boy as his apprentice. Brennix lived the majority of the next 15 years at the covenant of Crun Clach, in the Loch Leglean Tribunal, though he is known to have visited the Grove of Midnight, in Hibernia on at least one occasion.

Activities in the Academica

Of all the Academica's magi, Brennix has spent the least amount of time in the covenant proper. Instead, he has spent months at a time moving between the communities of Galloway in search of stories. Brennix is a committed worshiper of the Tuatha de Dannan, especially Diancecht, and his favourite stories are those which are clearly tales of the old gods with an overlay of Christian symbolism. He takes it as his solemn duty to tease out the original form of these stories and keep the memory of the pagan gods of the Celts alive.


Brennix is something of a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to the hermetic arts, though he has a preference for magic that creates rather than destroying. He is notable for an almost unheard-of ability to create spells by improvisation, without recourse to traditional laboratory work.

He appears to be very superstitious about many things, including maintaining contact with the ground wherever possible. The Academica's other magi have surmised that one or more of these superstitions are connected with the proper working of his magic.

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