Caefloron is a hermetic covenant in the Hibernian Tribunal. It consists entirely of the magus Caefloron ex Criamon and his filii, living in a multi-layered regio entered through a walled garden near Limerick.


The few outsiders ever granted access describe a magical garden filled with plants, some possibly found nowhere else in all Creation.


Caefloron and his filii are served by short, swarthy men, who also act as guards. It is presumed that they have their own community elsewhere in the regio. Their nature is unclear - possibly they are faeries, or members of a forgotten magical race.


The only magus of note in the covenant is Caefloron himself. His reputation as a master of herbam magic is virtually unchallenged within the Order of Hermes, but little else is known of him.

One, and only one, of his filii attends every Tribunal meeting, but they speak little, and abstain from all but the most important votes.

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