Chenney-Mooar is a muscular, thickset, black-scaled dragon, around 30 feet long, which lives on the mountain of Slieau Dhoo on the Isle of Man. He is curious about humans, and it has a long-standing rivalry with Tharmaneagh, the dragon living on Slieau Curn, as they are currently “warring” over the hunting rights for the Mooar Glen. Chenney-Mooar enjoys stimulating debate and storytelling, and will often engage humans he encounters in conversation before deciding whether or not to eat them.

He is capable of shapeshifting to human form, and in this shape Chenney-Mooar is a tall, burly, dark-skinned man with dark eyes and a booming laugh. He usually wears untanned hide clothes, and seems to radiate heat.

Chenney-Mooar has been known to visit gatherings of magi. In 1311 A.A. (anno domini 1172), he attended the meeting of the Stonehenge Tribunal, making the other attendees rather nervous. He does not participate in hermetic politics, but he does enjoy hearing about recent magical events. In exchange for this information, he often provides tidbits from his vast store of lore about Man and its environs.

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