Like all hermetic covenants, the Academica tends to attract people who, for whatever reason, cannot or will not fit in to the conventional society of Christendom. Some reside permanently at the covenant, becoming, in effect, senior covenfolk. Others spend some, or even most, of their time in the wider world. For them, the Academica is a retreat - a community to which they can belong and a place where they can feel protected.

Current Companions

At the start of 1227, the Academica counts four companions.

William (occasionally Guillaume) le Pen

An unloved and disinherited son of a French Baron, William has found his calling as a travelling merchant. As a former crusader, William is probably the most well-travelled man in all of Galloway.

Brother Pius

Pius may be the first member of the Order of Friars Minor to set foot in Scotland, having arrived four years before the establishment of the first of his order's monestaries in Britain. It is equally possible that he was keeping one step ahead of the inquisition at the time.

Lord Wolfgang von Richthofen

One of two nobles associated with the Academica, Lord Wolfgang is an accomplished scholar, competent warrior and unfortunate carrier of his family's blood curse.

Lady Jaqueline de Lacey

Jaqueline is the neice of the (in)famous Hugh de Lacey, Earl of Ulster. Having grown up surrounded by her warlike kin, Jaqueline is a talented fighter and leader of men, and dreams of one day being a knight in her own right.

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