The Academica has been continuously inhabited for nearly five centuries. In that time, innumerable people have made the covenant their home. At present, there are 21 people serving the magi and their companions.

Latin Speakers

Over the centuries, the covenfolk of the Academica came to speak the language of their masters, though in a heavily bastardised form that scholars and churchmen often find difficult to comprehend. The current crop of latin-speaking covenfolk have lived in the Academica their entire lives, and face the prospect of being the final generation of their small community due to the curse on the covenant.

The latin speakers are:

  • Tyche the autocrat
  • Perat, Tyche's husband
  • Olen the blacksmith
  • Hena the stew-cook
  • Micha the Thatcher
  • Tenei the baker
  • Stalos
  • Bragha
  • Masos
  • Suda the seamstress
  • Juno and Pierro, formerly gardeners, now cleaners and tidiers of the magi's laboratories

Gaelic Speakers

Since its arrival in Galloway, the Academica has recruited locals to provide security and to fill holes in its capabilities. While most of the latin speakers above have reached an acceptable level of fluency in the local tongue, the language barrier has not been completely overcome, and minor difficulties are encountered on a daily basis.

The gaelic speakers are:


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