Feargus is a grog in the service of the Academica Septima Superior. Feargus was born on the Isle of Man, leaving it as a young galloglaich. He fought all across Ireland, serving both English and Irish masters. Though a competent fighter, he never saw a pitched battle, instead taking part in small raids and skirmishes. In one of these, his right forehead, cheekbone and eye were smashed by a heavy sling stone, blinding him on his right side and disfiguring his face. Following this injury, he swore off the mercenary life. He arrived at the Academica in 1222, having been recruited by Tyche in the aftermath of the raid led by Kronos of Hexham.

While he no longer has Irish kerns to carry his heavy mail and double-handed axe, he appears to appreciate his steady position and above-average pay. He frequently accompanies the magi and companions of the covenant on their excursions, especially to Man and the Hibernian Tribunal, where his local knowledge often proves useful.

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