Glass Aspen

Near the Common Hall stands a remarkable tree. The trunk, branches and roots all appear to be perfectly normal wood. The leaves, however, are made of the finest glass, and the slightest wind causes the entire tree to become a giant wind chime, casting pleasant (if tuneless) music over the surrounding area.

Vis Source

Like any other tree, the glass aspen goes through the cycle of seasons. In autumn, the leaves turn brilliant orange and, ultimately, fall from their branches. Leaves that have detatched from their branch, but have not yet hit the ground (whereupon they usually shatter), contain a pawn of herbam vis each.

This would appear to make the tree a vastly rich vis source. Sadly, the reality is slightly different. The 'ripe' leaves show a perverse ability to dodge attempts to catch them. Covenfolk on vis harvesting duty must stare at the tree for hours at a time, waiting for a leaf to drop. They must then react instantly to outmaneuver the leaf in mid-fall. This kind of attention is difficult to sustain, leading to a sort of tense boredom for the unlucky harvesters, and limiting the vis harvest to a handful of pawns per year.

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