Guy the Redcap

Officially Guy Clavius, the man more commonly known as Guy of Dieppe is a redcap operating in and around the Loch Leglean Tribunal. He is jovial almost to a fault, and has a weakness for the wives of other men, but has proven to be a successful courier for the Order thanks to his stamina, gift for languages and ability to entrance people by staring into their eyes.

Activities in the Academica

Guy has been an acquaintance of the magi of the Academica Septima Superior almost since its rediscovery. He spends the occasional winter at the covenant, waiting out the period when snows blanket Scotland to a degree that prevents most travel. He has tried to maintain an ambiguity regarding whether he does this out of genuine friendship or simiply a love of their endlessly refilling keg of ale. However, his more-frequent-than-necessary calls and refusal of more than a cursory tip for his services appear to tip the scales in the direction of the former.

When not at the Academica or on business for the Order, Guy can usually be found around the Devil and Pike, near St Andrews.

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