Hamish's carving

An artist's impression of the carving on Hamish's wall (from description and assuming Hamish has access to a vector graphics editor that he can't use properly).


From the description:

  • There is no ornamentation per se, but Hamish has scratched a large cross and some simple pictures into the side of one of the fallen trees. Beneath the scratchings lie a new-looking hammer and some very large nails.
  • The pictures on the wall are laid out in a freize beneath the cross. Though the technique is crude at best, they are easy enough to interpret. In the first, three stars fall, one after another. In the second, a pair of enormous eyes stare expressionlessly over what looks like a crennelated star on top of a hill. Finally, in the third picture, a cross falls towards a stick-figure man. A spear lies at the man's feet.
  • The spear that lay beneath the stick figure is now lying on what looks like an anvil. Next to it, another stick figure, with what appears to be a halo, holds a hammer aloft. Hamish is currently carving a face to go with the eyes above the crennelated star. The face is much more detailed than the rest of his work - even unfinished, it seems mutely expressive. It is also proportioned slightly wrong, with the lips too prominent and the eyes too large, and the rest of the features underemphasised. All in all, it looks more like a mask than a real face.

I attempted to draw the Halo in the old medieval style (a circle behind the head) rather than in the modern perspective style (in which case the last figuret would simply be Simon Templar with a hammer).

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