Horsingas is a hermetic covnenant in the Loch Leglean Tribunal. It is well hidden in the lawless Cheviot Hills, not far from Hadrian's Wall.

Horsingas is the leading proponent of the Tribunal's custom of raiding. The magi of Horsingas consider the Norman nobility (including, implicitly, the King of Scots) to be their sworn enemies. In practice, however, they fail to live up to their lofty rhetoric and take what they need from burghs, clans, monestaries and covenants in both Scotland and England.

Given their stated ideology, it surprised no-one in the Tribunal that they are strongly Interventionist. They are also strongly Lowland, given that integration into the Stonehenge Tribunal woudl bring the swift wrath of the English Quaesitores.

Notable Magi:

Notable magi of Horsingas include:

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