The idea of this page is to give a rough indication of who can speak to who. The entries indicate the general level of fluency. Characters' native languages are indicated by bold text.

Character Latin Gaelic French English Other Languages
Octavia Fluent Some - - Magyar
Brennix Fluent Fluent - Some Scots -
Augusta Fluent Fluent - - -
Annaeus Fluent - Enough to get by in a market Fluent -
Xenophon Fluent - - - Attic Greek, Greek
Pius Fluent Some (mostly swear words) Some (mostly swear words) A handful of common curses Italian and simple phrases such as "more beer" in a dozen other languages
William - Fluent Fluent Some Breton, Arabic
Wolfgang Some Fluent Enough to fumble his way through a courtly introduction - German
Jacqueline Some - Fluent - -

In addition the covenfolk of the Academica speak either Gaelic or Latin.

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