Libris Minor

During the two centuries the Academica spent absent from Christendom, the covenant underwent significant decline. Many of the works that comprised its library remain lost in the ruins. When new magi came to inhabit the covenant, the covenfolk took pains to point out that the few works they had salvaged were a shadow of what no doubt remained to be found. The magi soon began to refer to the works at their disposal as the 'libris minor'.

Physical library

The library is housed in an extention to the Common Hall, built in the plain, unadorned style of the early Scottish monestaries. The books and other papers are stored in cabinets set into small alcoves. Several high windows provide plenty of light, and reading stands are spaced evenly around the room. The centre of the room contains a tiny scriptorum of three desks, plus a store of writing supplies.

A fireplace does exist to provide warmth, but Geoffrey the librarian typically forbids the lighting of fires except in the direst of circumstances. This has been the cause of more than one argument between the curmudgeonly man and Augusta Draca, whose constantly-burning laboratory forces her to come to this room to study.


Magical Books

Title Author Year Subject Quality Level Notes
Summa Terram Philosophicus Xinophides of Tytalus 821 Terram 15 12
Mysterium Creatorum Trajan Dominicus 880 Creo 13 10
Mors Omnia ex Magica Darius Septimus 997 Perdo 10 20
Deus et Humanus Scardamon 964 Corpus 15 12
The Nature of Spirits Jesus de Navarro 994 Mentem 10 n/a Read by Xenophon, Brennix and Octavia
Species and Perception Brutus ex Bonisagus 903 Imaginem 10 n/a Read by Xenophon, Brennix and Octavia
On the Binding of Familiars Peter of Merinita 1012 Animal 10 n/a Read by Augusta, Xenophon and Octavia
Notes on the Pilum of Fire Corvinius de Flambeau 1222 Mastery - Pilum of Fire 6 n/a Read by Augusta

Other Books

Title Author Year Subject Quality Level Notes
Fae Illuminata Unknown Unknown Faerie Lore 10 5
Nominae Infernum Democritus of Tyre Unknown Infernal Lore 7 3
The Lineage of Guernicus Hypatia ex Guernicus 838 Order of Hermes Lore 10 n/a
Emanations of the Divine Trajan Dominicus 869 Philosophiae 5 n/a Read by Pius and Xenophon
Formation of Regios Ulixis Argentus 791 Magic Lore 5 n/a
On Sainthood Trajan Dominicus 869 Dominion Lore 5 n/a Read by Pius
De Meteorologica Aristotle ~350 BC Philosophiae 11 n/a Read by Xenophon and Annaeus
The Summonings Democritus of Tyre Unknown Infernal Lore 8 n/a

Laboratory Texts

Title Arts Level Notes
Sense the Nature of Vis Intellego Vim 5
Prying Eyes Intellego Imaginem 5
Aura of Rightful Authority Rego Mentem 20
Coerce the Spirits of the Night Rego Mentem 20
Coat of Flame Creo Ignem (Rego) 25
Conjuration of the Indubitable Cold Perdo Ignem 25
The Falcon's Hood Perdo Animal 25
Voice of the Lake Intellego Aquam 25
Wall of Protecting Stone Creo Terram 25
Disguise of the New Visage Muto Corpus 15
Pilum of Fire Creo Ignem 20 Contained in Corvinius' Notes on the Pilum of Fire
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