Lombard is a hermetic covenant in the Hibernian Tribunal. Its firebrand members are the passionate leaders of the anti-Norman faction within the tribunal.


Lombard hides itself within the Wicklow hills in Ireland's east. The hills are dominated by gaelic clans who refuse to accept English rule, and have become a haven for bandits and other outlaws. These wild and violent men provide a convenient recruiting pool for the covenant's grogs.


The covenant consists of three Flambeau magi, all of whom are seasoned magical warriors. Famous for their rustic natures, they are wilderness-loving, largely untutored magi who have little appreciation for the pleasures of civilisation and are intensely opposed to any intrusion on the wilderness.

Their cause, which they bring up at every Tribunal meeting, is to prevent the magical areas of Ireland from being overrun by the towns and villages of the English population. They have been censured by every Tribunal meeting since 1332 A.A. (anno domini 1193), but have made little effort to moderate their actions against the English colonists.

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