Being close to 500 years old, many magi have called the Academica home. Currently, it hosts six (or perhaps seven) magi.

Current Inhabitants

The Magister

The covenant is technically under the rulership of a wizened old man who goes by the title of 'Magister'. None of the younger magi have been entrusted with his name, and none of the covenfolk are old enough to remember a time when he used it.


Once Scylla ex Merinita of Connaught, she long ago mastered the innermost mysteries of the house, and has lived as one of the fae for over a century.

Augusta Draca, maga ex Miscellanea

Augusta is a scion of the Draca family, descendants of a powerful dragon.

Brennix ex Merinita

A highlander from Strathmore and worshiper of the gods of Ireland.

Octavia ex Tremere

Ever a soldier of her house, Octavia has been sent by her parens to the far end of Christendom to help shore up the Loch Leglean Tribunal against the anarchy that engulfs it.

Xenophon of Thessalonica, magus ex Verditius,

Highly placed in his House's line of succession, Xenophon has moved to Scotland to escape the incessant politicking of his housemates in the Theban and Roman Tribunals.

Annaeus Aurelian, magus ex Verditius

A massive, curmudgeonly craftsman, Annaeus keeps his distance from his sodales, emerging to eat, demand vis and demonstrate his creations.

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