Neneus is a jaculus and, since 1220, the familiar of Augusta Draca. He was brought to Ireland from Libya as part of a travelling menagerie. Augusta first saw him at a fair outside Dublin. Seeing his clipped wings and dull, sickly-looking scales, she took pity on the tiny creature and bought him, paying several shillings for the exotic serpent.

Since that point, Neneus has accompanied Augusta as a loyal, if occasinally troublesome, companion.


Like most serpents, Neneus finds the cold troubling. But for Augusta, and the warmth of her laboratory, he would have departed Galloway for the warmth of Africa long ago.

In accordance with his humours, Neneus is dispassionate and instinctive. Magi besides Augusta find him difficult to engage with on any level above the most primal. The subjects of food, warmth and killing, however, readily motivate him, and he has, for no more reward than a pair of fresh rats, been used by the magi of the Academica to murder their enemies on at least one occasion.


Like all jaculi, Neneus can launch himself like a thrown spear, easily penetrating human or animal bodies and leaving grievous wounds. He can also camouflage himself against virtually any surface by landing and remaining motionless.

Augusta has toyed with the idea of incorporating additional powers into the bond they share, but has yet to do so.

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