Nominae Infernum

Nominae Infernum is a book in the libris minor collection at the Academica Septima Superior. Along with The Summonings and a set of gold plates engraved with strange runes, it was recovered from a house owned by Rosby ex Mercere in Castletown on the Isle of Man. The book was written by Democritus of Tyre prior to his condemnation for diabolism by the Theban Tribunal.

The book represents an attempt by the author to give a clear accounting of the heirachy of Hell, beginning with Satan and working down through the demonic Electors, the Princes, Dukes and Lords of Hell and the various orders of demons. Although impressive in its coverage, the book is obviously unfinished, ending in mid-sentence during the discussion of a fallen angel named Shal-Sheoch.

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