Octavia ex Tremere is a maga of the Academica Septima Superior. A loyal soldier of House Tremere, she follows instructions from her House superiors even when these inconvenience her. As is standard for Tremere magi, at Tribunals she stands and votes with her House rather than as an individual or a member of her covenant. This has earned her some teasing from her sodales.


Octavia's sigil takes the form of a faint shimmery pearlescent sheen. Like all Tremere magi, Octavia has a focus in Certámen, but since her arrival at the Academica she has only participated in one wizard's duel. She is competent in all techniques - some more than others - but this focus on techniques has left some significant holes in her knowledge of magical forms. She hopes that these lacunae of knowledge are not noted by her fellow magi.

Notable traits

Octavia is of Samovily Blood. As such, she ages at a slightly slower rate than most magi, and has some skill with music. This may also explain her affinity for magic. It is possible that this odd heritage also explains her somewhat odd interactions with some members of the opposite sex: at the last Loch Leglean tribunal, Octavia caught the eye of one Kronos of Hexham. Kronos' obsession with her (and, admittedly, with the newly-acquired wealth of the Academica) led to an attack on the Academica Septima Superior and a Certámen battle between Octavia and Kronos. Octavia won the duel, and received 9 pawns of Mentem vis from Kronos.

Octavia is accompanied by a white wolf which is nonetheless not bound to her as a familiar.



As it is her duty to serve her house, Octavia may be sent on missions to further the goals of House Tremere.

  • In 1222, she was tasked to investigate rumours of magi setting up shop on the Isle of Man. This mission led to the discovery of the infernal magus Rosby ex Mercere and his operations in Castletown. Soon, Octavia is to travel to the Hibernian tribunal to present her findings in the case of Rosby ex Mercere.
  • One of Octavia's lesser-known missions is to maintain surveillance of her fellow in the Academica, Brennix ex Merinita. Tremere magi are distrustful of druidic ritual and remain on guard against any attempt to revive death cults. Although she has not made her surveillance of him obvious, Octavia makes no attempt to disguise her distaste for Brennix' penchant for old gods.
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