Ori Ex Cineris

Ori Ex Cineris ('rise from ashes') is a hermetic covenant in the Hibernian Tribunal. Its members hold a special hatred for magi of the Stonehenge Tribunal, to which they once belonged.

The Stonehenge Dispute

Last century, the magi of Ori Ex Cineris lived in the covenant of Tagelyn, in a series of caves in south Wales. They were turning from Spring to Summer when Blackthorn, the covenant from which many of the magi originated, turned against them. Combining magical power with a Norman army, Blackthron routed the magi of Tagelyn. The young magi were forced across the sea to Ireland. In their flight, several covenfolk, along with many books and much vis, were captured.

The plight of Tagelyn's magi was made all the more bitter when they learned that Blackthorn had meant to take their cavernous home all along, and had used the younger magi simply to test its safety and establish laboratories before claiming it for itself.

While hermetic law had undoubtedly been broken, Blackthorn dominates the politics of the Stonehenge Tribunal, and Tagelyn's magi had effectively no legal recourse.

Following their move to Hibernia, they renamed their covenant, symbolising what they hoped would occur.

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