Partitio Monaviae

As the Isle of Man is so magically rich, the magi of the Hibernian, Loch Leglean and Stonehenge Tribunals warred violently over it for some time, with no-one being able to achieve a definitive stronghold. This was at least partly because of the vigorous defenses of the Manx fae and resident dragons. Finally, in the 1284th year of the Age of Aries (anno domini 1145), an agreement called the Partitio Monaviae was brokered by an emergency tribunal, featuring representatives of all three Tribunals, and convened by the covenant of Vigil in Hibernia. This document stated that the three tribunals would cease their warring, and that the ownership of the Isle of
Man was to be determined in the following manner:

When a covenant is successfully established on Mann for the period of one Grand Tribunal (33 years), this covenant will able to declare which of the three tribunals it shall attend. At that point, Mann — and the sum of its magical resources — shall be the sole property of that covenant and tribunal.

As of yet, no covenant has successfully been established on Man for the requisite amount of time
— though not for lack of trying. The last attempt was Servus Maris, in 1160. This covenant, hailing from the Stonehenge Tribunal, was destroyed within six months by the dragon Tharmaneagh (who left a lone survivor with the message “Don’t come back!”).

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