Rosby ex Mercere

Rosby of Mercere is a magus of the Hibernian Tribunal. He left the covenant of Cliffheart quite abruptly in 1222 and settled on the Isle of Man.


Octavia ex Tremere, of the Academica Septima Superior, received instructions from Faustina, her superior in the House, to investigate Rosby's activities on the Isle. In particular, she was asked to determine whether his settlement there could be construed as accepting the challenge posed by the Partitio Monaviae.

Octavia never encountered Rosby in person, but established that he kept a house in Castletown, in which he had stored books on infernal lore (specifically, Nominae Infernum and The Summonings, both of which now reside in the libris minor). Octavia also traced shipments of glassware suitable for use as hermetic laboratory equipment to a site known locally as the Devil's Den. Examination of the Devil's Den caves showed the presence of an infernal aura.

Marching and Death

The Hibernian Tribunal of 1227 tried Rosby in absentia and found him guilty of dealing with demons. By this point, he had already confronted Tertius ex Bonisagus, along with William le Pen and Jaqueline de Lacey, at the forge of Mael Cas. Rosby was slain through their combined efforts, but his infernally-tainted steed escaped.

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