Scylla of Connaught was formerly a maga of the Order of Hermes, in House Merinita. At some point during the Academica's wanderings beyond Christendom, she transformed herself into a faerie using the innermost mysteries of her House.

While Scylla's appearance shifts subtly over time, she always appears as a girl on the cusp of adolescence, with hair that floats against the wind and a washed-out look to her eyes and skin.

Early Life

Scylla herself has not deigned to answer any questions put to her on her own life. However, the Magister remembers from old accounts that she was born in Connaught and joined the Academica at the end of her apprenticeship in the 1113th year of the Age of Aries (anno domini 974). This would perhaps make her the youngest maga of the covenant at the time of its disappearance.

Activities in the Academica

Scylla's activities during the Academica's disapperance remain shrouded in mystery. It is certain, though, that she became a faerie at some point during the early 11th century A.D.

Since that point, she has gone from being a trusted companion to a serious liability. Her claim on a full half of the Academica has left many resources (including the Libris Major) effectively inaccessible to the younger magi of the covenant. In addition, she has a habit of creating lesser faeries and leaving them to wander her half of the Academica as free-ranging nuisances.

She does appear to be pursuing some form of long-term plan against the Magister. During the winter of 1221-22, she accosted several of the Academica's covenfolk, warning them not to trust the ancient magus, as he was "a liar and a bringer of death". She urged the magi, should they doubt her claim, to investigate the ruins of Keleborne, though she did not say what she expected them to find.

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