Sgoagh is an evil-minded dragon that dwells in a putrid, slimy pool in the Curragh Mooar, at the center of the Isle of Man. Sgoagh enjoys preying on humans, and is the major navigation hazard to those who attempt to cross the bog without following Great King Orrey’s Road. Physically, Sgoagh appears as a serpent-like creature with a sickly, iridescent grey-green colouration. It is about 40 feet long, as thick around as a man’s torso, and has a long tail ending in a sharp, black barb.

It has been known to generate magically alluring ignis fatuus (will-o-the-wisps, or marshlights). Sgoagh’s normal tactics are to lure victims off the track with its lights (preferably into the bog itself), and then to throw its coils over them and constrict, in order to prevent them calling for help. It will then either suffocate or drown them, or bite and stab them to death with its jaws and tail.

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