Summa Terram Philosophicus

The Summa Terram Philosophicus is a book in the libris minor collection at the Academica Septima Superior. Prior to the disappearance of the Academica from Christendom, it was considered the greatest work ever assembled on the subject of earth magic, covering different approaches to affecting soil, sand, clay, stone and various metals in exhaustive detail. In the centuries that followed, it was superseded by Jeramius ex Guernicus' De Lapii, but still remains a well-respected work.

The copy possessed by the Academica has several sections that have been damaged over time, resulting in key sections becoming unintelligible. However, it also has pouches containing samples of the various substances described, which allow readers to practice what they learn from the book without having go locate appropriate materials. It also contains a marginal gloss detailing the application of the principles described to an island made of glass, sometime during the Academica's wanderings.

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