The Magister

The Magister claims to be over two hundred and fifty years old. Bent of body, and with skin that looks like eroded stone, he looks every day of it. Despite this, he does not appear to be physically frail or mentally addled.

Early Life

The Magister makes a point of remaining silent on the subject of his youth. If his claimed age is to be believed, he would have been around the age of thirty when the Academica left Christendom. This would imply that he knows why the Academica vanished, and where it has been (and what it has been doing) in the meantime.

Activities in the Academica

The younger magi first encountered the Magister during his most recent twilight episode - transformed into a polypous mass of flesh looking not at all human, with pseudopods spread throughout his sanctum and his mind (presumably) elsewhere. Later interrogation of the covenfolk established that he had been like this for sixteen years prior to the Academica's arrival in Galloway.

Since his re-emergence, he has proven friendly and helpful towards the younger magi, showing great willingness to spend time teaching them the magical secrets he has amassed in his long life. Most recently, he conducted a symposium on magic theory that lasted from December of 1226 to late March 1227. It appears that he relishes being part of a community of magi once more. However, he has yet to attend a tribunal following his return, and shows a curious reluctance to perform any magical works. The younger magi have yet to witness him casting a spell of any kind, and the covenfolk report that his laboratory appears to be completely unused.

Relationship with Scylla

According to the covenfolk, the Magister and Scylla have been the only two magi (or magi-like things) in the covenant for nearly fifty years. Their relationship certainly appears to have frayed during this time (assuming it was ever companionable), with Scylla describing him as "a liar and bringer of hatred and death" to other inhabitants.

For his part, the Magister completely ignores Scylla's demand that all who venture into her half of the covenant grounds walk backwards while doing so. She has yet to take any action against him, for reasons known only to herself.

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