The Summonings

The Summonings is a book in the libris minor collection at the Academica Septima Superior. Written by Democritus of Tyre over the course of several years, it sets out in clear detail the efforts of Democritus to summon, interrogate and, ultimately, command the 'airy spirits' of Greece and Anatolia. As the entries progress, Democritus uses information provided by the summoned spirits to contact angels, whom he interrogates regarding the sinfulness of magic and the possibility of using the Gift to live a holy life.

In light of the author's condemnation for diabolism by the Theban Tribunal meeting of 1360 A. A. (anno domini 1221), it seems likely that all the supposedly magical or divine entities described in the book are, in fact, demons, and the information they provide should be considered highly unreliable. Still, if read with this fact in mind, it is possible to use the discourses between Democritus and his subjects to gain insight into the methods and motives of demons.

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