Thomas of Galloway

Thomas Ferguson, the only son of Alan, Lord of Galloway was born in anno domini 1219. It is unclear whether or not he has ever been christened. Although he is widely known to be an illegitimate child, it seems likely that, in the absence of any other male children, Alan will declare him to be his heir.

Birth and Fostering

Though Thomas' illegitimacy is no secret, no woman has yet come forth claiming to be his mother. This has given rise to the popular theory that his mother was a faerie. Alan himself implied as much, without confirming anything, to the magi of the Academica Septima Superior in 1223. As repayment for his intervention in the unpleasantness surrounding the marriage of his youngest daughter, Devorguilla, Alan made Thomas a ward of the covenant, to be defended and educated until he was ready to assume the duties of his station.

Thomas has adapted well to his new home, treating the magi around him with a strange familiarity. On occasion, he has questioned the covenfolk and companions of the Academica about matters they believed to be known only to themselves. Brother Pius, while acting as Thomas' tutor, used this aparrent ability to learn salacious gossip about his neighbours.


Faerie child or not, Thomas would never be mistaken for a normal boy. At the age of eight, he is already as tall as his father, though eerily thin. His hair is a very pale shade of brown and is constantly moving, often against the wind or in sealed rooms with no wind at all. His facial features are classically Galwegian, and those who speak to him can always see their reflection in his eyes, even when it should be too dark to do so.

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