Vigil is a hermetic covenant in the Hibernian Tribunal. A covenant currently in the middle of a long, comfortable autumn, it has set itself to watch over the Tribunal to prevent its fragmentation. It is also notable for its mundane wealth, and for the alternative theory of magic that its members are said to have developed.


Physically, Vigil consists of a series of small buildings surrounding extensive gardens in the foothills of the Sperrin mountains in norther Ireland. The covenant is protected on one side by a forest known to be a haunt of unseelie faeries, and also by an extensive network of animal scouts and guards. The human guards are few, and tend towards corpulence and laziness.


Rumour has it that Vigil's magi have developed a new theory of magic that surpasses the work of Bonisagus. If this is so, they have yet to present it to the Order at large. Possibly they have made some breakthroughs, but have yet to perfect what they have discovered. Certainly they have drawn magi from as far away as the Transylvanian Tribunal, burning with questions.

Notable magi of Vigil include:-

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