Wolfgang von Richthofen

Wolfgang von Richtofen is the errant son of a minor noble house in what is now Germany. A younger son, he was training for the priesthood when he left his family, citing a lust for adventure. His younger brother has since taken up Wolfgang's assigned place in the priesthood.


Ever the stereotypical rich-boy noble of his time, Wolfgang enjoys hunting and fighting. He has some knowledge of ecclesiastical Latin from his short stint in German monasteries, and, although he often hides it, he is an accomplished scholar. Wolfgang has also demonstrated his recklessness and love of adventure, relishing his role infiltrating and stealing from the Knights Hospitaller. His main oddity, to noble observers, is his reluctance to hunt boar (although he shows no reluctance to hunt anything else).

Notable features

Since his arrival, members of the Academica have noted that Wolfagang's rejection of the priesthood may be caused by more than wanderlust. It has been revealed that Wolfgang is a wereboar. (As have been several members of his family.) It is unclear how much, if anything, Wolfgang remembers of the time he spends as a boar each month as he is not forthcoming on the subject.


Despite his wealth and the limitations of his linguistic prowess, Wolfgang aims to get along with most of the Academica's inhabitants. He frequently engages in weapons training with anyone who is willing to train with him. In particular, he values friendship with William Le Pen, his comrade in the Hospitaller caper, and will hunt and drink with Brother Pius when possible. Although he does not show it, he misses his fellow German-speaker Manfred, who did not survive Kronos of Hexham's attack on the Academica.

Wolfgang has recently taken responsibility for training young Thomas FitzAlan, illegitimate son of the Lord of Galloway, in the arts of hunting and fighting.

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