Xenophon of Thessalonica

Xenophon is a Magus of House Verditius who has moved to the isolated Academica Septima Superior in order to be properly able to devote his time to the study of magic. A reluctant traveller he has only left the covenant twice since his arrival. After having his nose broken on his last trip he is, if possible, even more reluctant.


Xenophon has rarely, if ever, been seen without a collection of small, twisted brass rods, some of which wrap around tiny chunks of quartz crystal. These devices are kept on a small leather apron in the same manner a travelling tinker might carry his tools.


Xenophon's laboratory is situated in a magically constructed tower at the Academica Septima Superior

Friends and acquaintances

William le Pen has been known to introduce himself as Xenophon's factor or broker.
Xenophon now finds himself owing the Marcus Secundus a favour, after the Roman Magus provided him with a spell needed to construct his laboratory.
Despite the legendary rivalries within House Verditius Xenophon still appears to have cordial relations with Annaeus Aurelian, the other Verditius Magus in the covenant.

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