Xenophon's Glass

Xenophon's glass was created by Xenophon of Thessalonica as the masterpiece necessary to complete his Gauntlet. His master, already surrounded by an embaressment of magical creations, allowed him to retain it for his journey to the Academica.


The glass is a simple hexagon of clear glass, about the size of a man's palm. It is activated by raising it to the user's eye and rotating it clockwise.


The glass highlights any and all raw vis within the view of the user with a brief flash of light. As the effect has no built-in penetration, it will not show vis possessed by creatures with a Might score, or vis held by magi with an active parma magica. Using the glass to view the glass aspen during autumn can leave the user momentarily blinded.


See the Hidden Power: Intellego Vim base 1, +1 Touch, +4 Vision, +3 levels for 6 uses per day = InVi 13.

As a House Verditius gauntlet masterpiece, it was created as a lesser enchantment.

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